Design Approach MacNair Landscape Architecture provides professional landscape architectural services to architects, engineers, residential clients, private developers, and public agencies. Donald G. MacNair, RLA #2800, operates as a sole proprietorship. Projects include public and private development ranging from small gardens to large estate design, housing and wineries to public open space, schools and plazas. MacNair Landscape Architecture is committed to excellence in design and service to our client. As an environmental design professional, we understand and value the cooperation necessary to work with other disciplines. As part of any design team, we maintain a dedication to design of aesthetic yet practical landscapes. On a broad scale, professional goals are to enhance the quality of our environment by providing functional and attractive landscape designs. At project level the commitment is to provide detail-oriented design addressing a client's unique development program. This includes remaining on the forefront of new technology associated with landscape architectural construction and design. Water conservation and low maintenance landscapes are both major issues central to the state of present design concerns. Irrigation, plant materials, construction techniques, maintenance practices, even the planning process, all change at a rapid pace. A clear understanding of the planning process facilitates design approval. In order to provide our clients the benefit of changing technology and practices, we strive to stay abreast of these advances. At MacNair Landscape Architecture, tremendous importance is placed on the needs of the client. Our clients are assured landscape architectural work is well coordinated with other disciplines. Project economics require well coordinated, thorough, competent work performed in a timely manner. At MacNair Landscape Architecture we work to maintain these goals. A well-planned landscape project will not only create an attractive image, it will withstand the test of time. Broad experience affords creative solutions utilizing a wide variety of design styles. From informal, naturalistic gardens and landscapes to formal urban plazas, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide the service and product our clientele desire. Landscape architectural design should always be unique. It is driven by the needs, wishes and vision of the client, the creative ability of the designer and the reality of the site and budget. Ideally, when everything comes together, the end product is a sense of place. A place people remember is a place people will want to experience again. When projects provide the user with a pleasing, aesthetic experience, they become a memorable landscape experience.